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Law #6:

be real.

“Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have. It’s a practice – a conscious choice of how we want to live.  Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest.  The choice to let our true selves be seen.” – Brené Brown

Have you ever had the sense that all of the rules in your organization must have come from somewhere, but the “why” is so far gone that you can’t possibly understand a rule’s purpose?  Have you ever had a moment when a reason for a policy was explained, and you came to view it in a completely different light?  In our fast-paced world, it seems a consumeristic attitude has infected everything. We are no longer expected to understand how or why things work, but merely to do the job as we are told, not ask questions, and go home. This results in apathy and complacency, which in turn produce failing outcomes and decreased quality of care.  Grow is founded on the principle that when our employees understand the process, they are more invested and committed to our outcomes. We don’t do things without a good reason.  Our team members won’t be asked to do something without understanding the ‘why’.  Oncoming team members are expected to be hungry for knowledge.  We work to find intelligent, curious, and insightful people who take pride in having read the fine print.  This translates to therapists and caseworkers who are attentive to detail, can see the big picture, and catch things others often miss.  You can trust that therapists at Grow are well-educated and informed on the services they’re providing. 

Top to bottom, inside to outside, bottom line to top dollar, personal life to corporate headquarters, our commitment will always be the same: transparency and authenticity.  As companies grow, it is very easy to lose sight of keeping everyone involved in the planning and organization process.  Here at Grow, we decided to make transparency our sixth immutable law to keep that from happening.  From President to Intern, we are committed to living an authentic life and being our real selves with real purpose and real outcomes. 

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