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madeline nash ma, lpc, ncc


When talking about her approach to therapy, Madeline states,


"I recognize that beginning counseling can be a process that causes both feelings of tension and relief and I am proud of you for taking this step towards your own care.  I see my role as that of a “thought partner” and my hope is that we will work together to create goals for your personal betterment, a plan towards reaching those goals, and specific steps to implement this plan. I have a deep love of finding the best in people and fostering growth based on “what’s right”. In my practice I implement my belief that psychology owes us a focus on what’s strong rather than fixing what’s wrong."

If this approach resonates,

Madeline might be the therapist for you.


Why I'm a Therapist



I originally started college thinking I would graduate as an Elementary Teacher. Early in my college career a professor pulled me aside and told me “You’d be hired as a teacher but you wouldn’t be very good and you wouldn’t be happy. Have you thought about being a counselor?” After resolving my initial upset over feeling that my plans were destroyed I went on to learn more about counseling. In speaking to a counseling professor she helped me know it was the right path when she said “I don’t care why Johnnie can’t read but I care deeply about how Johnnie feels when he can’t read.” and I was sold! Now I have grown this statement and often find myself saying “Your job is to be the expert on you and my job is to be the expert on helping people change.”

In my career I have worked to help people identify and grow what is best in themselves during challenging times and during comfortable times. I find joy in helping those who may not yet be able name their bests and in working with those who are moving from good to great. 

I look forward to serving as a thought partner with you. 




Madeline describes herself

"I am a big fan of the VIA Survey of Character Strengths and the Clifton Strengths assessments. My top strength on the VIA is humor and while it took me a long time to own this fully as a strength now that I see it as such it comes out in almost every interaction. My top Clifton Strengths are Individualization, Maximizer, Learner, Input, and Strategic. This combination leads me to a focus on a deep understanding of individuals as well as what they might do best. I am capable of identifying potential solutions quickly and enjoy the process of walking through potential outcomes of each solution."

Others have observed

Madeline is straightforward and real in all her interactions. She's quick to laugh and shows real emotion when she feels it. Adjectives some of her friends used to describe her include refreshingly authentic, giving, calming, motivating, gentle, generous, fierce, kind, and HILARIOUS! 

What Madeline enjoys

outside the office


Madeline is almost always found with knitting needles in hand. She is a sock-making champ, and has many friends who see her as the knitting guru and go to her with all their yarn-related questions.  


Madeline has a personal goal of being able to survive the apocalypse. And the most practical way to do that? Baking, canning, and gardening! 


Madeline deeply enjoys JRR Tolkien's works.



Madeline may be a good fit for you if: 

You are searching for a nonjudgmental connection with someone.

You are looking to embark on a journey of self-exploration.

You are overwhelmed with stress and not sure what to do about it.


Madeline uses an intuitive combination of therapy approaches in her sessions.

Madeline is trained in EMDR. She uses a person-centered therapy approach, focusing on you and your needs in the moment. Madeline is a trauma-informed therapist. She enjoys using a strengths-based approach, and working with a positive psychology lens. 

Some of Madeline's focus areas include: 

Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment Disorders, Grief and Loss


What People Are


Madeline is a highly skilled therapist who is committed and dedicated to her work. She will go above and beyond to serve as an advocate for her clients, while demonstrating the patience and ability to teach them the skills that they need to be advocate for themselves. Madeline has the ability to increase an individuals' awareness of their strengths and can teach them to shift their focus from "what's wrong with me?" to "what's right with me?", which aids in the treatment process. Madeline is able to create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to begin their healing journey. She is an expert at empowering her clients so that they can learn to take charge in their life. 

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