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What kinds of information do you collect?

Your direct contact information, which you choose to provide by filling out this form.


How do you use this information?

For direct outreach and communication  related to coaching programs offered by Joni Bennett LLC


Do you share this information with any affiliates or third parties?

Your information will never be shared without your express permission. We do not sell your information or provide it to others without your express consent.


Can customers review or delete the information you collect about them?

You can contact us directly if you have a concern about your information, at


How do you respond to legal requests?

Legal requests will be handled according to laws in the State of Missouri, and will be forwarded to our legal team for review.


How do you notify customers if your privacy practices change?

If our privacy practices change, we will provide an update to the email address you gave us.


How can customers contact you with questions?

We can be reached directly at


What is the effective date of your privacy policy?

Privacy policy is effective January 1, 2021 and ongoing.

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