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Do you struggle to feel validated? Do you deeply desire that your needs be taken seriously, and wish someone would just believe what you have to say? 

Do you want a therapist who wants to hear YOUR story, and not tell you what your story should be? 

Have you struggled to fit in? Felt left out, left behind, overlooked, or not taken seriously? Do you want a therapist who doesn't just accept you, but CELEBRATES the quirks which make you uniquely yourself? 


Have you found yourself thinking or saying any of these things... 

"My kid just won't listen and cries so much." 

"My kid has anger problems." 

"My kid throws fits and I'm so lost. I don't know what to do!"

"I don't understand why my kid throws a fit some places, but not others."

"I've tried everything I know, and I just don't know what else to do! I feel at a loss for how to help them feel okay."

Does this resonate? Stacy might be the therapist you've been waiting for.


Why I'm a Therapist


Helping people has always been my thing. I was always the friend people came to for help. Helping people be the best they can be, and do the best they can in life, is what I’m driven to do. When I was a teen, I struggled with significant anxiety and dealt with harmful behaviors as a result. I felt shame and embarrassment, and like I had nowhere safe to turn where I could talk about my pain. As I started exploring a career, I set out to become the safe place I needed, so others wouldn’t have to struggle alone.

I'm so excited to get to know you. You're safe here.



What's Stacy like?

Stacy loves to travel. Her favorite travel destination is Disney World - the ultimate happy place -  followed closely by a trip she took through Germany, Switzerland, and Austria for a Cultural Psychology course in college.


Stacy describes herself as being obsessed with all things Disney (which her husband can’t stand). Luckily her kiddos support her passion! 

Stacy’s current hobbies include taking care of her kids (let's face it - this is a full-time job!), watching half an episode of Netflix before falling asleep, going to Cardinals games, and exploring the paranormal.  She dreams of going on a ghost tour at the Missouri State Penitentiary.  


Stacy may be a good fit for you if: 

You are searching for a therapist who celebrates you while helping you solve problems.

You are a parent looking for someone to not only help your kiddo, but also to help you learn to better support your child and their feelings. 

You want to learn to use your strengths to live well, instead of drowning in your struggles. 

Stacy uses an intuitive blend of therapy approaches in her sessions with adults.

Stacy is a CBT therapist. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) helps you learn the connection between thoughts and feelings, and teaches you how you can change the way you feel about things by changing the way you think. Stacy uses CBT to help people understand and learn more about their triggers, learning to retrain your brain. 

Stacy enjoys working from a positive psychology approach. This helps you increase awareness of things you do right and what's going well in your life, then using those things as resources to overcome your struggles.  

Stacy is comfortable helping people overcome suicidal thoughts and self-harm behaviors. She helps people learn to manage these urges without acting on them, while working to change the behavior and address the underlying causes of the emotional pain. 

Stacy actively combines treatment for kids with tools for parents to support your family.

When working with kids, Stacy uses Play Therapy, Art Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy in addition to talking about problems.  These activities allow kids to speak about their problems in the language of play. Stacy helps kids develop empathy, learn to identify and regulate their feelings, and improve their ability to handle anxiety and stress. 

Stacy actively includes parents, helping them learn ways to bring what their kids are learning in therapy back home. This helps parents feel more capable in helping their children with emotions, making your life more manageable and helping your whole family live well. Stacy values having actively involvement from parents, so you and your child can learn how to manage and understand your feelings together. 


Stacy is LGBTQIA* Affirming

Many of Stacy's favorite clients have been trans people learning to navigate the world in an open and affirming way.  Whether it's grieving changing relationships with family; learning to manage anxiety around coming out; exploring gender identity and sexuality and finding where you belong; or many other hard things which surround openly embracing your true self, Stacy is an active ally and skilled therapist.  She can help you make sense of overwhelming thoughts and feelings while learning to be your authentic self without shame. 

Some of Stacy's treatment focus areas include: 

Anxiety and depression

Exploring gender identity

Exploring sexual orientation

Managing suicidal thoughts and dissociation

Self-harm behaviors 

Therapy for kids

Have more questions? Contact us today to learn more! 

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