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Starting Telehealth Therapy

Know the Basics

While telehealth therapy can seem strange at first, know that it is already practiced regularly and successfully by clients and therapists around the world. For example, studies have shown that telehealth can be just as effective for PTSD as in-person sessions. For most people, once they get through the initial awkward stage, they get the hang of it and it is much like a regular session.

Things to prepare and remember

  • If you’ll be participating from home, choose a comfortable space for your session, even and especially if it’s by phone. 

  • Within the room you’ll be using, set up a comfortable space to sit or lie down, and have comfort items with you, similar to what your therapist may offer in the office. Bring your favorite tea/drink. 

  • Set up your device however is easiest and most comfortable for you. Try to find a place to set your computer or phone where your face and at least part of your torso are visible in the video feed. Avoid having a light source directly behind you, as it will black out your face on camera.

  • Although you’re at home, don’t try to do housework or other tasks during your session. It will take away from your time and the effectiveness of the session. Never drive during a session. 

  • Use a headset if you have one. It will make things a bit easier. If you don’t have one, plan to use your speakerphone or computer’s audio. 

  • Create some type of white noise outside the room you’ll be using, if there are others in the home. This will increase your comfort and privacy. For example, you can set a radio with music outside your door, or have others in the home play music or use headphones so they can’t hear you. 

  • If you don’t have a private space in the home, contact your therapist so you can brainstorm on alternative options. 

  • This is a great chance to bring your favorite pet to therapy! Let them in unless you and your therapist have arranged otherwise. 

  • If you have children, arrange an activity or for supervision for them during your session time so you are as uninterrupted as possible.


  • If you are used to using your insurance for therapy, check with your counselor before your telehealth session to find out if it will be covered. You may need to call your insurance provider to verify coverage.


  • Grow Counseling now uses Zoom for video telehealth sessions. Your counselor will send you a link to enter the virtual waiting room. You can always find your counselor’s Personal Meeting ID from the link above as well. 

  • Our Zoom license is HIPAA compliant and encrypted for your privacy.

  • In some rare cases, you may not have enough internet bandwidth to support a video call. In that case, you may choose to use a telephone call for your visit.

More Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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